SammyCloud Change Log

April 8th, 2019

This page will be updated with details regarding our modifications and enhancements to the SammyCloud Desktop application as they are released. 

Note: These updates will be installed automatically upon the next desktop application restart.

Version - 04/04/2019

  • Added new function for file import to the desktop application. Further details can be found here.
  • Added Help feature to the Support menu.

Version - 04/02/2019

  • Added the ability to configure a printer designated for red forms.

Version - 03/29/2019

  • Added the ability to view the desktop client in full screen mode. Click the icon in the upper right corner to expand.

Version - 03/21/2019

  • Fixed an issue where some users could not connect to network devices.
  • Fixed an issue where network printers without an IP in the port name would not display properly in the printer preferences menu.

Version - 03/12/2019

  • Added the ability to scan documents as TIFF. This option is in the scan preferences. Scanning as TIFF will increase transfer speeds.
  • Added a verification prompt on client exit to prevent accidental closings.
  • Corrected a timing issue related to certain activities when holding keyboard arrow buttons down.
  • Added a NumLock always on option in the Settings menu. This is on by default.
  • Updated the language in the scanner UI text.

Version - 03/06/2019

  • Corrected an issue where users using Dragon Dictate would notice duplicated characters when dictating.
  • Updated network code to avoid losing print ability after a break in internet connection on the client.
  • Added a prompt to alert user of the desktop application there was a break in their internet connection. Sammy will attempt to automatically reconnect.