E-Prescribing for Ohio Providers (KB)

November 20th, 2017

The Ohio board of pharmacies has mandated that we update Sammy to include the below feature.  View our ERX Manual 2015_Ohio.pdf for additional information about e-Prescribing.

Ohio providers will be reminded (when logging into e-Prescribing) to print and sign the prescriber report in the Admin section of the program.

If the individual logged in is the user they will also be reminded but have the option of turning the reminder off.  (The provider will not be able to turn the reminder off). If the provider clicks Acknowledge, it will not pop up again for the day.  The recommended action is to click on the View Admin button, and that will take the provider to the Admin tab to run the report.

Take the following steps to run the prescriber report:

Step 1: Click on View Admin on the pop up

Step 2: Click on the Prescriber Report under the Reports Section of Admin

Step 3: Select the doctor, the report type (will default to Ohio), Select the date range. You can choose one day or a single month report. For a single day select on both calendars.

Step 4: Click on the Printer Friendly hyperlink to produce the report

Step 5: Print out the report and sign. Please keep signed copy and keep on site at all times, we suggest a 3 ring binder to be kept for audit purposes.