How do I scan into SammyCloud?

April 3rd, 2019

The process for scanning into SammyCloud is very similar to scanning into Sammy in your office.

You must have a TWAIN compatible scanner. Most scanners support TWAIN drivers. If your scanner does not support TWAIN it will not work with SammyCloud.

  1. Search for your patient in SammyEHR and open the patient filing cabinet.
  2. Click the Standard Scan button.
  3. There are two modes to the Scan Importer in SammyEHR which you can toggle between...
    1. Single Patient: This mode automatically assigns any document you scan for the current chart in Sammy.
    2. Multiple Patient: This mode allows users to scan documents for multiple patients (different charts) and assign them as they edit the documents.
  4. Select Scan in the file menu of the SammyCloud Desktop application.
  5. You will be presented with the scanner options menu where you can select the following:
    1. Scanner: If you have multiple scanners select which one will be performing the current job task.
    2. Scan Type: Simplex or Duplex. Select the mode you want to scan. This is single or double sided scan job.
    3. Tray: Flatbed or Feeder. This is the location of the document on your scanner.
    4. Pixel Type: Black & White, GreyScale, Color. This affects the speed and transfer of your scan job. Black & White is the fastest... color is the slowest.
    5. Image Type: Tiff or PDF. Tiff is a smaller file and will be faster to scan and upload.
  6. Click Scan.
  7. Once the file is uploaded it will appear in the SammyEHR Scan Importer where you can view and edit the file.
    1. Provide a Description
    2. Select a Type of File
    3. Enter a date of service if necessary.
    4. Save Changes.
  8. Click Import.