What is a billing macro and how does it work? (KB)

November 20th, 2017

A billing macro is a billing template.  You can create a template of any type of claim you like to enable easy entry when entering claims.

To create a macro:

  1. Click on the library drop down from the main menu and click on Macro Library. 
  2.  Click on New Macro. 
  3. Type in a macro ID.  This should be a short identifiable name that will indicate to you what this macro is when you are in the billing screen. 
  4. The next spot below the description is where you can be more descriptive. Put in the diagnosis code just like you do on an actual claim and press enter. (You can also type in ASKME. This will make it so when you do the macro Sammy will ask you what diagnosis code you want if it varies from claim to claim).
  5. Press enter and go the procedure code section and type in your procedure code. 
  6. Please fill in the modifiers if necessary and the POS, TOS and Dx pointer. 
  7. The rest of the fields leave out (unless you are billing multiple units per code).
  8. IMPORTANT:  If you put a price in for a procedure code in the macro, it will not update when you use the macro while billing.  (We don't recommend putting the price in the macro).
  9. Save the macro.

To use the macro while in billing, either right click in the first diagnosis column, or type period (.) and press enter in that field.  Click on billing and then right click on the diagnosis area and bring up the macros. Double click the macro and show the client how you can change the date of service or just click the green button.