How do I setup the transcription import feature into the patient's file cabinet? (KB)

March 14th, 2018

Many of you utilize the services of a transcriptionist to do your letters, chart notes and other documents. The problem that you face is what to do with or where to file the documents so that they are obtainable quickly. The last place you want to put these documents is into the paper charts for the patient because down the road a piece, you know that paper charts will be obsolete. That may be years from now, but no matter what you do with them, we have a solution that is included as part of your SammyUSA System. Just convey the simple instructions below to your transcription person/company, include the chart number in your dictation and Sammy will do the rest.

Tell them:

When you finish typing the document and it’s time to save it, tell them to NAME the file as follows:

SXMMDDYYCnn...nnZZOtherWordingHereAsNecessary.doc or PDF

The FIRST 2 Characters must be SX in upper case.

The next 6 numbers is the Date of Service in format MMDDYY.If none, then enter 000000.

Immediately after the date of service type a capital C.

The next nn..nn would be the chart number of the patient inSammy.

Immediately after the chart number type capital ZZ.

Then OtherWordingHereAsNecessary – it is here you can type a description of the file. For example, you may want to consider naming things as follows:

Consult Letter SX030411C143ZZ Initial Consult.DOC
Follow up Letter SX000000C143ZZ Follow Up.DOC
Chartnote SX022111C143ZZ ChartNote.DOC

Then .doc in the traditional way of naming Word documents. If you use another word format, save it as a .doc

Do NOT use periods in the name except for the .doc. There can only be 1 period.

Then Open Patient filing cabinet. Then click on Batch Import.  A dialogue box will appear.  Navigate your way to where your documents are stored. Then “Import” them. We’ll print a report of what was done. Then every document will be located in the “Patient” file cabinet (which is encrypted) for each patient.  

We can also import .PDF files too.