How do I use a tablet with SammyEHR? (KB)

November 20th, 2017

Using a tablet within your primary office

For tablets which will be used in the primary office (with the server), the best performing and reliable option, is to use a Windows 7 tablet which natively supports SammyEHR. The only additional requirements for this configuration are that you have a reliable wireless connection to your local network and an available SammyEHR station license. SammyEHR will be installed directly on the tablet and it will simply act as a mobile station.

If you must use a non-Windows 7 tablet, including iPad, Android, or Windows 8, the only way to access SammyEHR is by using remote desktop. Remote Desktop connections require the following configuration performed by your IT person:

  • Windows 2008 Server R2 with Remote Desktop Services installed.
  • Remote Desktop User CAL (Client Access License) purchased and installed on your server. (1 per tablet or remote user)
  • Remote Desktop app downloaded and installed on your tablet and configured to RDP into your server.
  • An available SammyEHR license.

Using a tablet outside of your primary office

To use any kind of tablet outside of your primary office you will need to configure Remote Desktop to your server, as described above, as well as secure the connection with a VPN. Your IT person will need to configure a VPN connection between your primary office and your tablet. Once the VPN connection is established you can RDP into your server. As with any configuration, you need to ensure you have an available SammyEHR license to use for the device.

For information regarding SammyEHR licensing please contact our sales department at 516-766-2129.