Sammy S-Fax Service FAQ

October 18th, 2019

What is Sammy S-Fax?

Sammy S-Fax is a new service that allows you to send faxes from SammyEHR program without a phone line, modem or fax machine.   This service can be added for outbound and incoming faxes.   However, please note that you must have access to Sammy program to send or receive faxes. You will not be able to send or receive faxes that are processed by the S-Fax service. 

What types of documents can I fax from SammyEHR?

Faxing is available for the following:

  • SamNotes - Referral Letters 
  • Orders 
  • Letter Generator - fax any document created (you may also fax any Letter Generator document save in the Patient filing Cabinet).
  • Billing - Fax a copy of the CMS-1500 form if needed
  • Patient and Office Filing cabinet

Are there any additional fees for this service?  

This service is included in the monthly subscription fees with the following limits:

SammyLite first 250 pages then .10 cents per page per month

SammyEHR (Provider #1) first 1,000 pages, then .10 cents per page. (+500 for each additional provider).

Do I have to do both outbound and inbound? 

No, you may purchase outbound service only, however if you chose to do inbound it will include both options. 

Can I keep my current fax number? 

If you chose outbound faxing only, no changes are required. The fax cover  will have your current fax number which is added at the time of the setup.  You can keep that phone line and continue to use your fax machine.  

Inbound has two options :

Call Forwarding: If your fax number is a dedicated line and your phone carrier allows call forwarding, you can keep the number (and the bill for the phone line) as well as continue to use your fax to send faxes.  All incoming faxes will be received through Sammy.   If your carrier does not allow call forwarding you need a new number that our service will provide 

*If your fax line is shared with other devices nothing changes and they can be used as before.   

Porting: You may also port your fax phone number.  This line must be a designated line that is not shared with any other devices.  

If the line is shared with other devices, they will no longer work after the fax number is ported. Those devices will need to be moved to another line. Good news is that once that line is ported over to the S-Fax service, you will no longer have a monthly bill from your phone carrier for that line. 

*If you do not own your fax number, you will not be able to port it over and a new fax number would be required.  Our service can provide you with a number.

Are there any forms or setup documents to port my number?

Yes, you will be required to submit a Letter of Authorization Request and will need to submit a bill from your current carrier dated within 30 days of your request showing the phone number that is to be ported. 

How long does it take for phone number to be ported?

This will vary depending on the phone carrier but generally takes approximately 2 weeks.

Can I continue to use my fax machine if I port my number?  

You will be able to continue to use your fax machine, however, once your number is successfully ported that phone line will no longer be available to your office.  You will need to use a different phone line for service.   However, remember that patient related documents should be stored in the patient filing cabinet and may be faxed directly from Sammy Filing cabinet.

If you have a general fax that is not patient specific, if can be scanned to the Office filing cabinet and faxed directly from that folder. 

What if I do not have a fax number that can be ported?

No line, no problem!  Our service can provide you with one.  We can configure your system with a new incoming fax number at no additional cost.  

Can I import inbound faxes to a patient? 

Yes! Inbound faxes can be import to patient or office filing cabinets just like scanning.  

If have have multiple locations will they also be able to send and receive faxes? 

Yes.  All stations and users in your practice will have faxing enabled as long as they have access to Sammy.