Claim Correction Change Log View

April 5th, 2019

New feature added that will track your claim corrections and give you an option to view a log of the corrections made to a claim.
In the Claim History you will see another 'View' link to the left of the CCOR transactions lines. 

Click the 'View' to load the Claim Correction Changes Log:

*Columns may not be sorted, however you can adjust the column widths to see more or less information.

The changes are tracked and will be displayed are:

Claim Changes: 

  • Bill By/Seen By Doctor
  • Referring Provider
  • Facility 
  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Insurance
  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Policy number
  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Policy Group Number
  • Amount on Claim (A/R or on Form)
  • Referral#/PAuth (Prior Authorization) numbers
  • DLS (Date Last Seen)
  • Date of First Symptom
  • Hospital Admission date
  • Hospital Discharge Date

Service Line Changes:

  • Diagnosis code
  • Diagnosis description
  • Date of Service
  • Units
  • Place of Service
  • Type of Service
  • Procedure Code
  • Procedure code Description
  • Modifiers
  • Charge
  • Diagnosis Pointer

Please note that the tracking is not retroactive and logging began with a previous release of the billing program.  This means that
 any claim corrections prior to the date the your received this release.   You can locate the tracking start date here:

Open Claim history on any chart. Click on File => About > CCor Tracking :