How to use PhotoSync

January 24th, 2018

PhotoSync is an APP for the IPhone/Android and there is a companion program for Windows. Simply put, the Phone takes pictures using the Phone camera. Then start the app, select the picture(s) to send to your computer and tap the red circle to “MOVE” the pictures to your computer. The pictures will be in your individual/office folder in the Universal Scanner in Sammy. You can add a caption if you wish and then you can import them with one click as you are already in that patients file cabinet. Remember, these pictures appear in SamNotes on the bottom of the Dashboard by date of service so it is important to make sure the DOS is correct. This way when you click on a note DOS you will see all of the pictures, xrays, etc. done for/on that date.

  1. Get the app installed on your phone
  2. Google Photosync and get the software for Windows installed on your Sammy workstation. You may need assistance from your IT for network/IP addresses. Also you will need to know the full path to your importfolder on your server/computer
  3. Make sure to set the app to MOVE the pictures (not copy) selected to be HIPAA compliant
  4. Configure the phone and computer
  5. Open a patient in Sammy and go to the universal scanner
  6. Do a test and send some test pics to the import folder