Getting the latest updates to bill Telehealth

April 16th, 2020

Please read carefully the information below.

  • If you are experiencing issues when sending Telehealth type claims for Zipclaim you should process the Z631 update which will immediately address this issue only.
  • We then recommend that you schedule the running of the additional Update Z597 as soon as you can.   Continue to read below:

We have addressed some issues that were uncovered when we tested billing Telehealth/medicine services in Sammy.

  • We removed the extra pop-ups seen in billing when using modifier 95 on claims.
  • We removed the need for a facility on claims when transmitting with Zipclaims to Change Healthcare.

In order to get these changes you will need to process the Z597 update.

Before running this update you should be aware of several items:

  • In addition to the Telehealth billing features this update will continue to encrypt information on your system.  At this time it will encrypt copies of EOBs.
  • Please choose a workstation that can be used uninterruptedly since the update may take extra time.
  • While the update is running no one will be able to view the EOBs in the claim history.
Remember, you will bill Telehealth services by using Place of Service (POS) ! (exclamation point) which will convert to the CMS POS of 02 for Telehealth.