Sammy Communities

March 16th, 2022

Dear Valued Sammy Client:

We are now approaching our next phase of improving communication and support for our clients. The first phase was to implement a new CRM called Salesforce, which Support has been using for the last year to track client tickets regarding the Sammy system and related programs.

Salesforce allows Sammy Support to email you directly from the ticket so that when you reply to the email, your response is automatically incorporated into the ticket alerting the Support Representative. This direct method of communication allows for faster collection of information from you as well as more timely status updates from us on your tickets. This is a joint effort with a positive outcome for all of us.

Now, on to Phase 2. We are currently migrating the contents of the Sammy FAQs into ModMed’s “Sammy Communities”, which will enable us to post recorded webinars and videos as well as proprietary articles on a variety of Sammy and ModMed topics.

Phase 3 will begin shortly, which will enable you to sign in to your own Sammy Communities Portal Account that will provide real-time access to your existing tickets and their status as well as the ability to create new tickets. You will be able to access articles and webinars and videos there too.

To help ensure the success of Phases 2 and 3, we need accurate contact information for each individual in your practice for whom an account should be created. Each contact requires a unique email address which will be the login used to access Communities. Therefore we are suggesting that you use the email address associated with your cloud login

Please complete this form with the appropriate staff information. Each individual user will be able to view their own tickets that they initiated, but the POCs individuals will be able to view all tickets for the practice.

Thank you.