Capital Blue Cross (PA) Direct Claims Submissions to Navinet ends on June 30, 2019

July 17th, 2019

ATTENTION: Capital Blue Cross (PA) Direct Claims Submissions to Navinet 

If you currently submit any electronic claims to Capital BCBS of PA (93) you will need to transition your claims now. 
Effective July 1, 2019 claims must be submitted to Availity (Clearinghouse 142).

How to update to Complete your transition

Schedule a time in the office that ALL users are not on the system. (This update will not process properly if any other users are logged in.)

*If you have an X-file for this carrier, please make sure to Resubmit the batch so it will add those claims back to the future listing BEFORE processing the update. 

1. Log in to Sammy from one  station only.

2. From the Updates menu select Dial/Connect For An Update

3. Click Show Special Z updates and select Z Reserved 665 from the Available updates listing. 

4. Double- click on the update to select and Connect to begin the download.  

5. When download completes click Process Files Received to finish the update.

6. Once the update is finished and you are back in Sammy, all other stations may sign-in and process the update received.

The update will update your all insurance entries for Capital BCBS (electronic code 93) with Electronic code 142 (Clearinghouse) and

payer ID 24705.  Claims will now be transmitted via Clearing House Claims Processing from the Trans & Claims Menu. 

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

If you are already receiving or would like to start receiving ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) please send and email to   The subject line should include "Request for ERA for Capital BCBS PA.

Please include included the Provider/Group name, address Tax ID and NPI in the email.  Our paperwork department will complete any necessary enrollments with Availity upon request from your office.