Why am I getting a message "Medicare Part B does not pay for these codes. Bill DMERC for A5500/A5501." (KB)

November 21st, 2017

Because Medicare and Medicare DMERC claims are submitted to different carriers,  Sammy has added claim checking for various DME Codes that will warn the user if the claim has not been generated to the proper carrier.  So, if the user enters procedure codes that Sammy knows must be submitted to the DME carrier and not the local Medicare carrier then a pop-up message will be displayed letting the user know that the claims must be submitted to a different carrier.  

**Please note, the insurance entry that the claim is being create for MUST be name Medicare DMERC,  if it is not named correctly, it will still give the message as shown below.  

**Notice, the insurance entry above is not maned Medicare DMERC.