What is the slide show and how does it work on my treatment room computers? (KB)

November 21st, 2017

The slide show was developed for offices who have treatment or hallway computers, and would like to display a HIPAA compliant method of showing advertisements or educational materials to their patients while they are waiting to be seen.  To begin using it, please follow the instructions below.

  • Use whatever program you want in order to produce the JPG files for your slideshow. (Yes, all slides must be JPG and no other format is acceptable). 
  • Save the JPG files in a folder on your SammyEHR computer with no other files in that folder.
  • Pull down the arrow under Slide duration and select your preference. We suggest 10 seconds each for 5 or more slides and 20 seconds for less than 5 slides. Of course, you can select any of the choices as your preference.
  • Next, pull down the arrow for Number of Slides. Select the number of slides you have created and that are in that folder. Once you select the number, BROWSE to the folder containing the slides. Only slides named correctly will be visible. See below for slide naming.
  • Now that the number of slides in the list equals the number you indicated, you can now click on "Save & Make Slideshow".
  • The program will display any error messages, but if none are displayed, the program will end.
  • Now, go into SamNotes on whatever stations will display the slideshow. Click on Preferences and Setup. In column 4, you will see TOUCHSCREEN STATIONS X which is the station number you are on. Change that to a Y by double clicking on the N. Then click Save/Close.
  • The last step is to log off of Sammy and log back in again where you will be advised that there are updates to process. Process the updates and your new slides will be there.

When you log off and start the slideshow, clicking on the slide or touching it for those with touch screen monitors will cause a password box to pop. The password for that box is the date in MMDD format.

Naming and Numbering the Slides

All slides must be named and numbered properly. They will appear in the order in which they are numbered.

The files (each JPG) must be named TS.SLIDE#.JPG.

For example, slide #1 should be named TS.Slide1.jpg.

Slide #6 should be named TS.Slide6.jpg.