How does offsite backup work? (KB)

November 20th, 2017

Our offsite backup program is unique in that we actually unzip your files once they arrive at our backup servers.  This process ensures that real files were received.  We then sample the contents of some of the files so we know it is the right data.

Other backup services simply zip up your files and save them on a server.  The risk is that when you go to retrieve your data, you find that  nothing has been backed up, incorrect data has been backed up, only some of the data has been backed up, or the backup is simply not valid.  In addition, other backup services usually do incremental backups which means you have to piece your data back together if ever needed.

Some backups people use can actually harm your data. We make it so backups of Sammy MUST be made when no one is using Sammy.

Using our offsite backup program mitigates the risk you have with other companies, since we know exactly what you need backed up and we verify the backup has actually been done.

In case you need your backups restored, rest assured that we keep the first backup of each month for the last 12 months intact and ready to restore. We also keep the last 6 backups too.