How can I adjust the red HCFA form alignment?

November 21st, 2017
  1. Go to claim correction/Reprints
  2. Select a claim for Reprint
  3. On the menu bar at the top click settings
  4. Then click Red Form Alignment
  5. Enter the amount for Vertical adjustment.  Start with 100 and click OK
  6. Enter the amount for Horizontal adjustment.  Start with 100 and click OK
  7. Exit the reprint screen, this will save the change you made.
  8. Access the reprint screen and click reprint. 

Make setting # changes in increments of 50 until you feel the form is aligned correctly. If the first change was for Vertical 100 and you want to move a down and to the right just a bit, try 150 next time.

* if you are entering a (+) # do not put a plus(+) sign in front of the #. For a negative (-) you will put the minus sign. 

( - ) MINUS :Form moves Up for Vertical
Form moves Left for Horizontal

( + ) PLUS :Form moves Down for Vertical
Form moves Right for Horizontal

There is also an option to align just the EIN fields, this is for box 25 and below. There is only one # needed in this area, I suggest starting with 100 and adding or subtracting in increments of 50 until the box 25, 32 and 33 look good

It is suggested you place the red forms in the paper tray of the printer instead of using the single paper feed. We have found that this seems to feed the form straighter than the single form feed option does. 

***Please remember that each time you make a change you must close and then re-open and then go back to reprint and print the claim to see the changes.