New Year Checklist

December 23rd, 2019

See below links to walk you through what your practice needs to know for the new year. Sign up for our webinars or view previously recorded ones by clicking on this link.

If you haven't already, watch the Winter Webinar with Ken and Barbara from December!

View recorded 2020 News Webinar

  1. Updating 2020 Fee Schedule for Medicare and Other Fee Schedules. Watch for the Support Alert for when the fees are available.
  2. New Feature! Access FAQ and click on link: Downloading DMERC Fee Schedule
  3. Medicare Policy IDs (MBI)
    1. Effective January 1, 2020 all Medicare claims require the MBI policy ID otherwise they will be rejected.
    2. Please update the policy IDs on the patient charts that have Medicare and Medicare DMERC.
  4. Medicare Eligibility
    1. Batch eligibility for claims
    2. New Feature! Medicare Secondary Payer Insurance Codes
    3. How are you set up to use Eligibility?
    4. Manual checking from chart
  5. Patients with QMB status
    1. What is QMB and how does it work with Sammy?
  6. How to make sure 2019 Medicare claims are sent
    1. Accounting Ledger Report- Claims Never Sent Report
    2. Using the Hold Analysis Report
  7. Optional recommended tasks
    1. End of Year Report
      1. How to get a Financial report for the year using the EOM report
    2. Mass Write Off and when it is appropriate to do
  8. What you need to do for MIPS
    1. View the MIPS Update portion of the Sammy Winter Webinar
    2. Double check your MIPS Eligibility
    3. Submit to QPP the Small Practice Applicationdeadline is December 31, 2019
      1. Eligible or Not, File an application
    4. Get Registered for MIPS 2019 Reporting
      1. We have been trying to reach you by Email, Phone calls and even Snail Mail. Don’t Miss Out!
      2. Watch for the Support Alert when it is time to upload.
    5. For more MIPS information, click on link  in FAQ Winter MIPS 2019 Update
  9. Migrate to Sammy Cloud; a more secure environment for your sensitive ePHI data
  10. HIPAA Compliancefor Servers and Workstations
    1. We urge clients to become HIPAA compliant by January 14 by replacing Servers running 2008 and upgrading workstations from Windows 7 to 10.
    2. While your workstations will continue to access Sammy, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for these versions of OS leaving you vulnerable to breaches.
  11. Enhanced Password Policy
    1. Need to meet stronger criteria and improved password expiration policy
  12. Backup Information you need to know