MIPS Measurebot and Registry Upload: 2018 (SammyEHR)

February 12th, 2019

It's time to upload your 2018 MIPS data to the registry!

SammyUSA and SimpleSam clients, click here for your instructions.

Click here to view a powerpoint presentation on how to use the measure calculator to upload your MIPS data for 2018.

Not sure if you should report as a group or an individual? Here is a helpful document that was put out by CMS.

If you are a small practice, you can claim an exception to re-weight your Promoting Interoperability points to Quality. The application must be completed by December 31, 2018.

Popular Questions and Answers

  1. Should I report MIPS as a group?
    1. The answer to this depends on several factors. As a general statement, if reporting as a group, all data for providers under the same TIN (even those who may be exempt from MIPS reporting) is aggregated. Each provider will receive the same payment adjustment in 2020 (unless they are exempt because they are new Medicare-enrolled physicians or those participating as part of an APM). If there are some providers in the practice who didn't report any MIPS and others who did, it is a decision the practice needs to make to determine if the data should be reported as a group or individually. The measurebot will show you the scoring for both options to help you decide.
  2. Can I report as a group for Promoting Interoperability and Practice Improvement Activities and as an individual for Quality?
    1. No. It's all or nothing.
  3. Why wouldn't I want to report as a group?
    1. Depending on each individual provider's situation and how the group is set up, the practice may choose to have each individual who did very well in MIPS to receive the maximum payment adjustment by reporting individually.
  4. If I bill as a group do I need to submit as a group for MIPS?
    1. No. Each provider may elect to report individually.
  5. How is a group defined under MIPS?
    1. A group is a single TIN with 2 or more MIPS clinicians (including at least 1 eligible MIPS clinician) as identified by their NPIs who have reassigned their Medicare billing rights to the TIN. 
  6. Do I need to register or sign up to report as a group?
    1. No, there is no registration required to report MIPS as a group through a registry. Registration is only required if the group elects to report via the CMS Web Interface and administer the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) for MIPS Survey.
  7. If one doctor that is part of the group is exempt from reporting MIPS, can the practice still report as a group?
    1. Yes. That doctor's performance will be included in the group reporting and payment is required for them to be included in the registry reporting.  However, if the provider is exempt because they are a new Medicare-enrolled physician or participating as part of an APM, they will not receive any payment adjustment in 2020 resulting from that group's MIPS performance.