When do I need to complete a Sammy Registration form?

November 21st, 2017

New Client Registration Form

Complete the New Client Registration Form ONLY if you are not already using one of the Sammy Systems in your office.

Existing Client Registration Forms

Complete the existing client Add Provider Registration Form when one or more of the following applies:

  1. I have a new provider in my practice
  2. I have a new PTAN for Medicare, BC, Medicare RR, etc.
  3. I moved and need to update/change my address
  4. I have a new TAX ID
  5. I want to send claims to Medicare in another state
  6. I just got a Medicare DMERC supplier # (or RR or BC etc.) and want to send electronic claims
  7. I send most claims under my TAX ID, but for "x" insurance I need to send under my SSN
  8. I opened a new office and I need to add that location to Sammy
  9. I need to create a new appointment calendar for a provider that is not going to do billing (seen by)
  10. I just got an organizational NPI and group PTAN for: Medicare/MCRR/DMERC/MCD

Complete the existing client: Change/Add/Remove Registration Form when one or more of the following applies:

  1. I have linked the new provider to my existing electronic submitter number
  2. I have applied for and received my NEW electronic submitter #'s (be sure to submit the documentation from the payer with the registration form).
  3. I have a new provider that is already linked to our group TaxID and NPI and we are ready to send claims to Medicare/BC/MCRR/DMERC/MCD/Wellcare/commercial claims