How do I update my DMERC (CEDI) fees?

December 21st, 2019

The first step is to create a Plan # for the DMERC fees. Typically each practice has Plan 1 for their Medicare fee schedule. Some practices may have other fee schedules setup as well.

Click on option Libraries and then click on Procedure Library. You will see the screen displayed below.  The screen in the example is showing multiple plan names and associated fee plan numbers. You may not have all these plans in your system.

After identifying what fee schedules you have you can now choose the next available fee plan number to setup.

Procedure Library:

Click the button labelled Plan Titles. The screen below is displayed.


Click in the field with the number you want to use for the DMERC Fee Plan.  In this example we clicked into field number 7 and labelled it DMERC.

Click the button Save As Is/Exit


Now access the Insurance Library option and access the Medicare DMERC Insurance Entry.

Enter the number for the Fee Plan you just chose in the procedure library in the Plan number field.

Once you have the Dmerc fee number setup you are ready to process the update so you are able to download the fee schedules per state.

Click on Updating, click on Dial Connect for an Update and then click the yellow bar Show Special Z Number Updates.  Scroll down to choose Z308 and process the update.

Once that Z308 update is processed go back to click on Updating again, Click on Dial Connect for an update.

Scroll down to access the update called DME Fee Schedule Program Update.  This fee schedule contains all states.  

After you process the DME Fee Schedule update you will need to go back to access Updating but this time click on the option Update Dmerc Fees.

This will now open the fee schedule window.  We will set the default set to match the state found in the Office setup.  If you need to choose a different state, click the down arrow and select the state that you would like to update the fees for.

Once you have your state selected, you can click on button Update Procedure Library.

A box asking what plan number you would like to update the fees for will pop up and that is where you entered that plan that you setup in the procedure library and linked to the insurance entry.

The last step is to choose either the approved fees or add the additional 10% and Non-Rural or Rural fees.  This is up to the client to decide depending on where they are located.

Click start update and then Yes to proceed.

Once the fees are updated you will see a box that shows changes to the existing codes in your procedure library.  It will not add codes that are not there.