MIPS 2020: Preparing Registry Accounts for Reporting

February 11th, 2021

Dear Trusted Sammy Client:

The clock is winding down for the 2020 MIPS reporting season.  This email serves as additional attempt to reach practices that are required to report for MIPS but may not have done so yet, or practices that have started working with Sammy staff in preparation to report, but still need to complete some tasks.

The deadline to get your Registry account in good status and to submit the Quality measures to the Registry Clearinghouse (RCH) is February 24, 2021.

The first step is to check the QPP website www.qpp.cms.gov to determine if you are required to report.

If you are required to report, please review the checklist below:

Preparing the Registry Accounts

  1. In Sammy, create accounts and pay for all providers that need to report.
  2. In the Registry Clearinghouse (RCH) site, create accounts for either group or individual reporting.
  3. Scan and upload a 1099 into your RCH account (amount should be left blank) for each Tax ID that is reporting.
  4. Scan and upload an EOB into your RCH account (please remove PHI) for each provider(s) NPI that is reporting.
  5. Select Practice Improvements within your RCH account. 
  6. In Sammy, run the Measure Calculator (v. 121) to review your quality measures and submit the quality data to the RCH account.  Please allow 24 hours to be able to view your data in the Registry.

Authorizing the Upload of the Data to CMS

The previous steps need to be completed before you will be able to authorize the upload of your data to be sent to CMS.  Directions related to authorizing of the upload will be reviewed in upcoming webinars so please look for the dates in the Support Alert coming shortly. 

Please view the below for comprehensive instructions on how to ensure your Registry Clearinghouse account is ready for 2020 MIPS reporting.

Please contact Support at Support@icssoftware.net or Training at Training@icssoftware.net if you require further assistance.


ICS Software Team
A Part of the Modernizing Medicine Family